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Ben Gill

Managing Director 

Ben our Director has been in this industry from the age of 13. Starting off at Event Audio in Nelson doing little jobs like Santa Parades and local small events. 4 years on and he's now managing Knights of the DUB Table, Touring with bands and running production at events throughout New Zealand. Whenever or wherever you need help just contact him and he'll respond within the hour. 

Email: ben@thrivepromotions.co.nz

Phone: (027) 487 5418


Olly Hughes

Currently living in Kaikoura

Olly Hughes

Event Manager

Olly... Olly...Olly from the day I meet Olly while organising Production for Storm Camp in Rangiora I knew he was the right guy for the job. Thrive is all about getting young people involved in bringing new life too events throughout the Country. Olly is very passionate about his job and will most certainly exceed from what you'd expect. If you ever need a hand with dealing with clients, bands or just general event management don't be scared to contact Olly.

Email: olly@thrivepromotions.co.nz

Phone: (027) 319 5773